Italian (State) Revenue Agency,


Minutes of the meeting


On today, August 2nd, 2019, at 09.00AM,  Regional Management head-office for Veneto, in Marghera (Venice), via De Marchi 16, are attending at the meeting the Ladies and Gentlemen

  • Mr Pierluigi Merletti, Regional Director; Mr Alfonso Orabona, Head of Services Department; Mr Mauro Brunello, Head of the Control Unit Office; Mr Luca Pizzocaro, Head of Litigation Division for the Revenue Agency – Regional Management for Veneto.
  • Mr Amedeo Casasola, Ms Erica Scandian, Mrs Patrizia Badii, and Mr Giancarlo Borsoi, who qualify themselves respectively as President, Vice President, Responsible of the Venetian National Defence, and Responsible for Venetian People’s Protection of the Venetian National Liberation Committee (CLNV), organisation that they declare to be recognised by the International Law.

To Mr Giuseppe Alfano, performing his duties at the Management Head-office was assigned the task to draft the minutes of the meeting.

The meeting with Head-office Regional Management for Veneto was requested by message via PEC (certified e-mail) on August 1st with following grounds:

“to discuss with you about blocking the tax folders concerned, so that MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance), or whomever in their place, shall give clarifications about effectiveness on current and applicable laws of his State”.

Taking the floor in this meeting, Mrs Badii cited the answer received from MEF, about the instances sent from CLNV.  She explained the functioning of the fiscal section of the CLNV and the procedures to send discards of the tax or fiscal folders (sent to MEF, State’s General Accounting Office, Italian Revenue Agency).

Mr Merletti, describe the relations between the Revenue Agency, non-economic public body, and MEF by convention.

Mrs Badii claims that CLNV is a recognised international organisation. She requests temporary suspension on effects of the fiscal folders, until MEF will express itself about validity and application of the Italian tax laws to self-determined persons under tutelage of CLNV.

Mr Merletti underline that the competence, on processing tax folders, does not belong to “Revenue Agency”, but to “Revenue Collection Agency”. He describes the process of collecting taxes: settlement, assessment, registration of the tax claimed, and following phase of collection. Enforced tax debts payment and litigation, is competence of “Revenue Collection Agency”.

Mr Casasola remarks that CLNV has already had relations and compared with Revenue Collection Agency, branch of Udine, whose representative invited us to return the question to Revenue Agency…

Mr Merletti acknowledges is not simple to understand the structure of the Financial Administration and asks, to CLNV representatives, to specify better about requests of temporary suspension, on enforceability effects of the fiscal folders, sent to self-determined persons under tutelage of CLNV.

Mrs Badii makes a specific reference to the PEC mails, through which the MEF’s department of Personnel and Services – Directorate-General transmits to MEF’s Finance Department, all the instances and discards of tax folders forwarded by members of CLNV, for the necessary evaluations by this last department, in order to be exempted by Italian tax subjection/submission. Since self-determination complaints, submitted and forwarded by members of the CLNV, are nowadays submitted to the evaluation of MEF, and CLNV considers the requests of suspension on effects of the fiscal folders sent to self-determined persons, to be justified, as long as all self-determination instances can be definitely evaluated. She claims that CLNV has opened a Protocol at International Criminal Court (ICC) of The Hague, against Italian Republic.

Mr Casasola remarks that Revenue Agency, as an institution of the Italian Republic, should promote the process of self-determination of Peoples, since this task has been delegated to States by international conventions, according to ratification by Italian law, n° 881/1977, art. 1 – paragraph 3, of the Covenants of New York on civil and political, plus those on the social, economic and cultural Rights, of the UN General Assembly of December 16th, 1966.

Mr Borsoi recall to a MEF communication dated July 2017 through its director of Directorate-General for Taxation of Financial Department, concerning the process of self-determination that, for any and eventual requirements, the Ministry transmitted to Veneto Tax Authorities of the Revenue Agency. Members of the CLNV, recall to many cases of economical disease and suicides due to forcible tax collection.

Mr Merletti affirms that the MEF’s note, dated July 18th, 2017, cannot be considered as an act that recognises the Venetian offices, of the Revenue Agency, to not apply tax charges to self-determined persons, because no legal provision in force (note =  and the existing laws?), that the Agency must comply, would justify such decision.

Mr Orabona takes note that, the Agency is certainly not the institutional subject that may recognize the self-determination instances of the CLNV members.

Mr Merletti states that the question raised by CLNV, is concern of the highest institution of the Italian Republic, and certainly does not regard the operational management stage of the taxation system, entrusted to the Revenue Agency. Nevertheless, this Regional Management will transmit this agreed Minutes, with all the requests and explanations, to the State headquarters of MEF.

Ms Scandian wishes to draw the attention to the art. 28 of the Italian Republic Constitution to reassert that directors, officers and employees of State-owned or controlled companies, are directly responsible for acts committed in violation of the rights of third parties, according to criminal, civil and administrative laws. In such cases, civil responsibility is extended to the State and to public entities.

The meeting ends at 11.20AM, with reading, approval and subscription of the minutes herein, which is issued and signed in double copy.

The representative members of CLNV, produce the following attached documents:

  • Note from MEF’s department of Personnel and Services – Directorate-General transmitted on June 12th, 2019, (prot. 0066932) to MEF’s Finance Department as one sample of transmission of communication of self-determination (there are hundreds and hundreds of these, held by the CLNV).
  • Note from MEF in Rome, dated July 18th, 2017.